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The Band & Orchestra Parents Organization (BOPs) is a parent-run organization that supports the music education program in the School District.  Established in 1929, our original mission was to purchase uniforms for the band, orchestra, and color-guard.​​

Over the years, BOPs has added other essential duties to support music education, including, but not limited to,:

  • Support football band, competition band, and color guard through bus transportation, chaperones, and transport of musical instruments.

  • Run the Doghouse and Puppy Shack, the snack bars at all football games (fundraiser for uniforms).

  • Administer music uniforms for every middle school and high school student musician, including fittings/collection, cleaning/maintenance and replacement. 

  • Plan and implement high school band and orchestra trips to Virginia Beach and Disney World, which alternate and occur every other year.

  • Manage gift card and grocery scrip program to allow student musicians to fund raise for their own trip accounts

  • Host fundraisers for BOPs general fund and for student-musicians

  • Maintain and manage the trip accounts (i.e. an account of funds raised) for each student musician who participates

  • Liaise with school district and communicate with music parents through BOPs blasts, website and Facebook page

  • Fund, develop, and manage Senior Recognition events

  • Provide scholarships to outstanding Senior student musicians

  • Work with music directors on special events in the middle and high school, such as Orchestra Kindergarten Concert and the Evening of Jazz

  • Hold Executive Committee meetings and General meeting to manage organization and record activities

  • Maintain and abide by organizational Bylaws which are reviewed/revised every four years

  • Maintain 501(c)(4) status - Donations made to the organization are appreciated but unfortunately are not tax deductible.

Middle School and High School Concerts

Miss the a concert?  Recorded concerts are available H-Vision Haverford High School's televised news station.  Click here for the YouTube link.

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It takes a team to pull off all the amazing events for the student's in our music programs.  We have many ways for members to be involved depending on your interests and availability. Opportunities are announced in the weekly BOPs email or you can reach out to us at: if you are interested.

2023-2024 Open BOPS Board Positions:

Terms begin July 1st

BOPS Officers – Elected Positions


  • One-year term, renewable up to two years- One president will be designated as “Vice President” on legal and financial documentation.

  • Schedule Officer and Board meetings

  • Lead or designate a board member to run BOPs meetings

  • Prepare meeting agendas prior to every Officer and Board meeting

  • Reserve a room for meetings or provide Zoom link

  • Email meeting confirmation and agenda to all members

  • Meet and communicate regularly with the band and orchestra directors to accomplish their goals each year and funding requests

  • Communicate regularly with Officers and Board members

  • Abide by and communicate the BOPs bylaws to Board and committee members

  • Uphold community standards for behavior compliant with the Haverford School District

  • May serve as a member or chair of any committee

  • Keep an accurate accounting of all members and their contact information

  • Manage annual membership registration process

  • Provide oversight of annual nominations process

Communications Secretary

  • One year term, renewable up to two years

  • Record monthly meeting minutes and share with board and membership

  • Maintain the on-line calendar and communicate any conflicts

  • Update and maintain Mail Chimp account

  • Send all email communications (aka weekly blast) to BOPs membership and music directors and/or share responsibilities with designee.

  • Communicate with Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator to ensure consistent messaging is shared across BOPs’ communication platforms

  • Have access to the membership list

  • Maintain list of Officers and Board members including contact information

  • Maintain files in Google Drive and provide access to Board members

  • Support the annual nominations process and identify potential candidates from the membership list

BOPS Coordinators:

All positions are one-year renewable terms unless otherwise stated. These are not elected positions. Coordinators are responsible for checking that volunteers have their PA volunteer clearances unless otherwise stated below.*

  • High School Orchestra Liaison

    • Represent the interests of the orchestra membership and act as liaison between that membership, the orchestra director, and the BOPs Board

    • Coordinate all chaperones and volunteers for orchestra events including local adjudicated competitions.

    • Manage volunteers for Haverford Township Day performance in October

    • Coordinate the Kindergarten Concert performance in February

    • Coordinate Senior Recognition program in the spring

    • Arrange/provide support at concerts as needed

    • Assist orchestra director in other areas as requested

  • Middle School Orchestra Liaison (works with Middle School Band Liaison)

    • Represent the needs of the middle school membership and communicate them to the orchestra directors, and BOPs Board

    • Coordinate all chaperones and volunteers for events

    • Coordinate High School course scheduling meeting for 8th grade band and orchestra families in February

    • Serve as coordinator for Middle School band trips

    • Arrange/provide support at concerts as needed

    • Assist in the fitting, distribution, collection and maintenance of student orchestra uniforms

    • Assist middle school music director(s) in other areas as requested

  • High School Orchestra Uniform Co-Coordinator (1 open position)

    • Coordinate the fitting, distribution, collection and maintenance of all uniforms for the Orchestra and Wind Ensemble

    • Coordinate volunteers needed to accomplish the above

    • Communicate the uniform needs to the Music Directors

    • Coordinate purchase of uniform-related needs using the Doghouse account

  • Color Guard Coordinator

    • Represent and assist with the interests of the color guard membership and act as liaison between that membership, the color guard coaches, the band director, and the BOPs Board

    • Arrange/provide support at events as required

    • Senior Recognition Banquet Coordinator

    • Oversees the organization and planning of year end celebration for all graduating seniors

    • Communicates with Scholarship Coordinator to get names of students

    • Coordinates all aspects of the banquet including volunteers and MCs

    • Includes recognition of parents who have served or are serving on the BOPs board

  • Scholarship Coordinator

    • Serves as Chair to the Scholarship Committee and oversees the application and selection process

    • Works with music directors to review applications

    • Coordinates with Treasurer to process checks for the students

    • Provides Senior Banquet coordinator with list of recipients and checks

If you are interested or have questions, please contact

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There are many ways to support our Band and Orchestra programs: Volunteer with BOPs!

We need volunteers to help with various events during the year. Many activities require only a few hours of time. Volunteering your time is also a great way to stay involved in your child’s active life. Watch for email messages from BOPs asking volunteers.

If you plan to volunteer – and we hope you do – please read the requirements of the clearance process on the school district's website.   Please note:

  • If you have lived in Pennsylvania continuously for the last 10 years, FBI fingerprinting is not necessary. A residency affidavit may be submitted in lieu of the FBI check.

  • Clearances are now valid for 5 years.

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  • Middle School Theme Night: Tuesday 4/9 at 7 pm

  • High School Band and Jazz Spring Concert: Wed 5/8 at 7 pm

  • High School and 7/8 Orchestra Spring Concert: Monday 5/13 at 7 pm

  • High School Bands and Strings Chamber Ensembles Recital: Wed 5/15 at 7 pm

  • Middle School and 7/8 grade Band Spring Concert: Friday 5/17 at 7 pm

Jazz Events​​

  • 43rd Annual Evening of Jazz: Friday April 5th

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